Welcome to the Attention Age!
A time when the individual can create and consume information instantly and freely.  With an increased abundance of available information, specifically on the Internet, Digital Social Media is the fastest and most efficient means of promoting your brand.  Let us help you make your business stand out.

Social media alone is believed to be causing the biggest cultural shift since the Industrial Revolution.  Social Media Marketing offers a powerful and cost-effective marketing solution.  It allows your business to be in direct contact with existing and new clients.  It makes your brand more personable, trustworthy and approachable through user-generated content (UGC) or consumer-generated media.  The way we do business is forever changed…

Social Media España was started by Local Producer Ltd.  We specialize in creating Events and Production Services and implementing the Marketing, Social Media and Communication around such events, to make sure that through our extensive network of media partners and through third parties, the brand and the message is delivered to as many possible B2B and B2C eyeballs.

+ New agency powered by industry veterns

+ Strong focus on Performance based channels

+ Local knowledge, executed with international standards

Full service marketing agency for Ecommerce in Gaming, Financial Services and Leisure, targeting the Spanish, Latam and  Dutch market.
We have created a team of specialist in website design, programing, Facebook API/ SEO/ SMO, web user analysis and social media information for branding a client.

Offices in Madrid, Barcelona & London to serve you.

Social Media España is dedicated to develop ways to make the Social Media Revolution flourish in Spain for local and international users. To show the benefits of Social Media to the local community. To introduce the newest ideas and techniques.

+ Customize and create API for your Facebook brand page

+ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  Social Media Optimization (SMO)

+ Tracking of SM Campaigns, Conversation and Path to Conversion for brands

+ Affiliate Marketing

+ Paid Search (PPC)

+ Viral Marketing

+ Mobile Marketing

+ Display Advertising

+ Landing Page Optimization

+ Usability

+ Cookie Tracking

+ Re-Targeting

+ Email

+ Widgets

+ Integration of customized SM tools

+ Create branding and maintaining your community blog

+ Location based campaigns such as FB places, 4square, etc

+ Social Media tutoring of platforms

+ Create branded campaign strategies and online/offline events to capture traffic through SM tools

+ Update website design

+ Integrate said strategies to SM conversation

+ Events